Klaus Beitl


About Klaus Beitl  

Klaus Beitl is an Austrian ethnographer, born in Berlin in 1929. He studied in Vienna and Paris: Sorbonne and Musée National des Arts et Traditions Populaires. In 1957 he received his PhD for his dissertation on ritual masks. Since 1960 he worked for the Ethnographic Museum in Vienna (Museum für Volkskunde). In 1979 he became a director of the Museum in Kittsee.

Beitl gave guests lectures at the Universities of Vienna and Graz where he received a title of honorary professor. He is an author of several books, many articles and encyclopedia entries. He also initiated the publication of Austrian ethnographic bibliography and participated in the publication of international bibliography on the field. Beitl traveled to many European and non-European countries and created an impressive network between European folks museums.

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