Pilgrimage in The Netherlands


The pictures below show contemporary rituality, religious and popular practices and material culture in a variety of Dutch places of pilgrimage. Click on each photo to see the photo gallery and to read the accompanying text.

These series of pilgrimage photos were taken in 2007 by the photographers Bea and Dick Hoeks-De Laat.

Amsterdam: The Silent Walk

The Silent Walk, Amsterdam

The Procession Chapel at ‘t Zand was part of the route of the Holy Blood Processions, Boxmeer

Holy Blood Chapel, Boxtel

Holy Blood Chapel in the Saint Peter’s Basilica, Boxtel

Beguines Church, Breda

Beguines Church in the beguinage, Breda

Relic, Martyrs of Gorcum

Relic of one of the Holy Martyrs of Gorcum

Saint Boniface Chapel, Dokkum

Stained glass window in Saint Boniface Chapel, Dokkum

The little chapel in Handel

The chapel, dedicated to Our Lady of Handel in Handel

Statue of Saint Gerlach in the Gerlach Chapel, Houthem-Sint Gerlach

The procession of Saint Servatius, Maastricht

Flag used during the procession of Saint Servatius, Maastricht

Our Lady Star of the Sea, Maastricht

Statue of Our Lady Star of the Sea that can be seen in the chapel of the Basilica of Our Lady, Maastricht

The chapel of Saint Anna, Molenschot

The chapel of Saint Anna, Molenschot

Memorial at the 'Karel Hoeve', Munstergeleen

Memorial at the ‘Karel Hoeve’, telling that Father Charles has lived in this house from 1835-1845, Munstergeleen

Statue of Saint Brigid, Noorbeek

Statue of Saint Brigid in the Parish church Saint Brigid, Noorbeek


The Saint Gertrude church, Ossendrecht

Stained glass window with Sister Marie Adolphine in the Saint Gertrude church in Ossendrecht

'Kruiswegpark The Chapel in 't Zand', Roermond

Painting on the discovery of the statue of Mary, placed in a sandstone niche in the ‘Kruiswegpark The Chapel in ‘t Zand’, Roermond


Saint Lidwina Basilica, Schiedam

Shield with arms on the Saint Lidwina Basilica, Schiedam

Joseph Altar, Smakt

Detail of the Joseph Altar in the Saint Joseph Church, Smakt

© photos: Bea and Dick Hoeks-De Laat, 2007